OUCH! being creative hurts. (again, literally)

Oh, this is a  pointless, whiny complaint post! my right wrist hurts!

if you’re not interested in the symptom description, you better skip this paragraph:

there’s a pulsing, stinging pain on the inside of my wrist; sometimes I also get that pain in my fingers and yesterday it also radiated up my arm a bit. it started a couple of days ago. it usually hurts when I’m making repetitive movements and the last 2 nights it also hurt when I was already in bed and didn’t move the hand at all. and my hand fell asleep and tingled last night.

I have an idea why it hurts: working on the computer a lot and drawing a lot lately. that’s really annoying, ’cause I’d really like to draw right now, but it’s uncomfortable and might make the wrist worse.

any tips from fellow creative people who have experience with sore wrists? (or from people who masturbate excessively – I don’t care, really)


6 thoughts on “OUCH! being creative hurts. (again, literally)

  1. Hey, Ibi \(^^) (Can I call you that? No, it’s like using ‘Du’ too soon?)

    OK, I won’t tell you which ‘type’ of person I am, in this case … but I’d recommend something like I saw on medsupports.com. Geeky, but who gives a fuck. Probably would work. For me, that’s the same thing as deciding to take pills to treat my mental illness. If it works, why wouldn’t you. You got nothin’ to lose.

    And make sure you’re seated at the right height when using your PC.

    You’re right, I’m sure: repetetive stress injury.

  2. Probably? Why not go to a specialist and have it thoroughly check? I had problems with my left elbow (I’ve been an active rock climber since 2007 and I had my elbow injured in 2010). My 3-month physical therapy and 5-session chiropractic both failed for reasons that I really wonder what… After realizing that I was just waiting for nothing (no improvements at all!), I scheduled an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon, Dr Purita (of Stem MD). He evaluated my elbow and had me go through different lab tests, then scheduled me for 6 weeks stem cell treatment (only one a week since my schedule was really tight). Anyways, stem cell treatment worked for me pretty well and he made my alien-looking back to normal shape, size, feel, and look again. I hope that you will be able to find the best treatment for you too… well, just make sure to find the right doctor first, who can clearly identify your injury and can help you out. Good Luck! 🙂

    • thanks, michael!
      my doc said to see him again if it doesn’t get better till wednesday. so far, it’s gotten worse rather than better, although I’ve been a good girl and haven’t used my hand at all! last night I thought I thought my arm is dying, could feel the pain radiating up to my shoulder 😦 guess I’ll have to see my gp again…. he said, if the meds don’t help it might be carpal tunnel syndrom.

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