guess what!

as I mentioned in a previous post: I went to the hospital last week after being in pain and not being able to use my right hand for 2 weeks. and the doc there said it’s CTS and not tendonitis, as my GP thought.

The doc at the hospital asked me whether I’d already tried shaking my wrist, because that might help. I’d read about that on the internet, but since my doc insisted it wasn’t CTS, I hadn’t dared to try it,  afraid I’d make it worse…. but after that conversation at the hospital, I did shake out my writs. AND IT WORKED!!!! I’d been in pain, hadn’t been able to sleep properly, and all it took was to shake my wrist a little?????

anyway, the numbness, tingling, pain are all gone now. I’m gonna get a nerve conduction study done this week to see what’s going on, though. but I can draw and paint again, amongst other things…..



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