I don’t really like what I do…..

sorry, another I-had-a thought-I-need-to-share-it-with-the-world-post!

looking at the doodle on my wall I started yesterday, I realised something. I’d never hang up any of my own art.

I often look at other people’s stuff and think “I like how that looks” sometimes even “I’d hang that up in my flat”. but when I look at my own stuff, I usually don’t think that. why is that? lack of objectivity or distance? am I being too self-critical? or just nor good enough? isn’t it sad that I’m not able to make the kind of art I like to look at myself?

When I’m done with a drawing or painting, most of the time I’m satisfied as in “this is the best I can do”, but I’m not satisfied as in “I really like this, objectively”. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to look at the my own art ant appreciate it the way I appreciate other people’s art.


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