back to therapy?

university starts next week. that means I need to crawl out of my little hole again and do things like leaving the house and interacting with people. it also means it would probably be a good time to figure out some things. like what I’m going to do about my mental health issues. I haven’t seen or contacted my therapist or psychiatrist since may. had been feeling that the therapy (psychoanalysis) wasn’t really going anywhere and I really don’t want to go back to my therapist. plus, I also feel kind of bad about dumping him like that….

my depression’s under control at the moment, thanks to my meds. but my personality disorder could really need some treatment. not really sure how to go about that though. feel a little guilty and nervous about showing up at my psychiatrist after 4 months and just saying “hey, I’m back. quit therapy, by the way. didn’t really work for me. any other suggestions?”. I know, not all types of treatment work for everyone, but I’m a little discouraged at the moment.



5 thoughts on “back to therapy?

      • I don’t think you should feel guilty about the time away (easier said, I know). Sometimes you need to step away for perspective, even if it leaves you with more questions, confusion, or doubt. Only you know deep down what’s really working for you, and if the case is that one option didn’t work, its no one’s fault. No one has all the answers, but hopefully your psych (as a professional) can point you toward other resources/options to try. Just remember to be honest with yourself when trying other directions. That’s what started to help me.. its not always easy though.

      • thank you! I know that it’s their job to help me (or help me help myself), but somehow I tend to feel a kind of obligation and a need to please…. which is really stupid when the whole thing is about making ME feel better 😉 So I really hope my psych has some good suggestions. what kinds of therapies have you tried, if I may ask?

      • I never really had therapy until about 5 years ago, when I started seeing a psychotherapist. Before that it was meds that didn’t help much and talking, but never really “working” to improve anything. The psych liked this vibration/light/sound treatment (I can’t find the name of it online right now, but it was this thing you hold in each hand and it would break out of vib/light rhythm between left/right brain.. was weird), it helped calm my nerves like a forced meditation, but not sure it really helped much. I was supposed to focus on putting my anxieties and other things (I think to much about everything) on a shelf to come back to it later.
        It helped somethings and not others. But in the end, never became a habit in my thinking, so overall I consider it a failed technique. I like my new psychotherapist better b/c her suggestions seem more practical and tangible (like list making, breaking things down into smaller pieces, writing, etc). Writing and art therapy I’ve sort of been creating my own rules and slowly discovering what works and doesn’t work for me personally, especially the drawing thing. I haven’t really been exposed to much professional treatment, so I don’t have much experience to share.. at least yet.

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