erection collection


the idea for an erection collection developed during a drunk conversation with my best friend.

so far, it has been a fun project that allows me to experiment and try out new things (using oil paint for the first time, for instance). i’m not taking it seriously, it’s just a silly, but entertaining, idea.

the 55x57cm paper is divided into 12 slots (4 rows, 3 columns)


1: cave art; acrylic on sand and glue

2: pop art; mixed media

3: cubism; acrylic

4: tachisme/abstraction lyrique; acrylic

5: art nouveau; oil

6: (neo-)expressionism; wax crayon and coloured pencil

7: anatomical drawing; ink

8: pointillism; acrylic

9: hard edge; acrylic

10: action painting; acrylic

11: surrealism; oil

12: mosaic; ceramic tiles


i’ve realised i should have arranged it differently. especially row 3 i don’t like. only possible solution: cut them out and rearrange. not sure that’s a good idea, though…..

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