depressed girl & manic girl giving each other advice

Finished! (i think. i tend to paint over stuff months after putting it away…)


erection collection

check out the entire erection collection (WIP).

erection collection 1, 2, 5, 6 (WIP)

erection collection 2

slot 2, pop art/collage

erection collection 5

slot 5, art nouveau in progress

erection collection 6

slot 6, (neo-expressionism)

erection collection 1

slot 1, not much to see so far, gonna be a cave painting style penis

blind contour selfies

some quick blind contour drawings of myself

blind contour – some people and a dog

I might be back….

it’s been ages since I last posted. nobody probably cares 😀

anyway, I might be back…. maybe

yesterday I attempted blind contour drawing for the first time. well, what can I say…. at least I made myself laugh!