a little lonely

feeling a little lonely right now.

sitting in my flat on my own on a saturday night with only a bottle of wine to keep me company. my best is in a different country and the only two other people I consider friends don’t have time tonight. it’s moments like these that I realise I’m a really lonely person. I can easily count the number of people I have regular contact with on one hand. and if I decided to go out on my own tonight, I’d only end up in some pub or club where I’d be sitting or standing on my own before I’d decide it was a bad idea and go home again. so I probably shouldn’t do that….


erection collection

oh, the kind of nonsense that arises when you’re drinking with your best friend…

– *all excited* “can you make me pictures of an erection in different art styles?”

– “ehm…. sure!”

it’s really difficult to say no to your best friend. especially when she looks at you like a kid in front of a christmas tree. but shouldn’t I practice drawing from life!? damn, no erection around when I need one…. guess I’ll just do some ‘online research’, than. so be warned: lots of penises coming up (pun not intended but, well…)

p.s.: suggestions welcome!