no art for me for some time


went back to my doc after a week of taking meds and my hand not getting any better. he figured it might not be tendinitis but carpal tunnel syndrome after all (but you’re way too young for that, he said!). sent me to the hospital, they said it’s probably cts, too. now I need to get an appointment for a nerve conduction study to see if it really is. if it is, I’ll need surgery. YEAH!!!! so I guess i won’t be able to draw or paint for a while now, which really annoys me! now that I’ve finally found an activity that keeps me busy and which I didn’t give up again after 2 weeks……



OUCH! being creative hurts. (again, literally)

Oh, this is a  pointless, whiny complaint post! my right wrist hurts!

if you’re not interested in the symptom description, you better skip this paragraph:

there’s a pulsing, stinging pain on the inside of my wrist; sometimes I also get that pain in my fingers and yesterday it also radiated up my arm a bit. it started a couple of days ago. it usually hurts when I’m making repetitive movements and the last 2 nights it also hurt when I was already in bed and didn’t move the hand at all. and my hand fell asleep and tingled last night.

I have an idea why it hurts: working on the computer a lot and drawing a lot lately. that’s really annoying, ’cause I’d really like to draw right now, but it’s uncomfortable and might make the wrist worse.

any tips from fellow creative people who have experience with sore wrists? (or from people who masturbate excessively – I don’t care, really)