erection collection 3 and 10


erection collection 3

update of slot 3: cubism, acrylic and oil (WIP)

erection collection 10

and a better quality picture of slot 10: action painting, acrylic


blind contour selfies

some quick blind contour drawings of myself

blind contour – some people and a dog

losing interest & motivation quickly – pathological?

sometimes get interested in something and I’m initially all excited about it. like reeeeeaaallly excited!!! but after some days to weeks, that’s all gone. two recent cases in point:

– my attempt at starting to draw & paint again

– this blog

I’m generally not easily motivated or interested. usually can’t be bothered. and when I am, it doesn’t last. as soon as the thrill of engaging in some NEW activity wears off, I either don’t care any longer or it just becomes something I SHOULD do.

haven’t found a cure for that yet.

erection collection 5&10 (WIP)


haven’t posted anything in a ¬†while, because I’ve had a couple of busy weeks… finally managed to work on my juvenile commission again! slot 10 is inspired by action painting, slot 5 by art nouveau.

erection collection – WIP update

finished slot 8 and started working on slot 3 of juvenile commission

erection collection – WIP

decided that the way I’m gonna do this is to make a bigger piece consisting of 12 paintings/drawings of erections in various styles. started working on the slots 4, 9, and 12, but they are all works in progress….

sorry, if I’m bothering someone with my penises. it’s just a stupid/fun thing to do, really. but I’m quite enjoying myself right now, I have to say! I’m not taking this serious in any way, which means that I’m able to just play around and do things I’d never try otherwise. using colours, for instance. because I’m gonna go for styles I’d usually not go for. it’s a really nice experiment and I might learn something from it, on top of it!

erection collection – sketches

I started working on some sketches and ideas for the penis commission for my best friend. and I’m having sooooo much fun right now! *giggle*.