a quicky. didn’t actually pay attention to proportions, as you can clearly see.


blind contour selfies

some quick blind contour drawings of myself

blind contour – some people and a dog

I might be back….

it’s been ages since I last posted. nobody probably cares 😀

anyway, I might be back…. maybe

yesterday I attempted blind contour drawing for the first time. well, what can I say…. at least I made myself laugh!

erection collection – sketches

I started working on some sketches and ideas for the penis commission for my best friend. and I’m having sooooo much fun right now! *giggle*.

sketchbook – 30.08.2013

today’s attempts: some fingers and other stuff.

I really didn’t feel too confident and happy with the way things were going while I made those sketches. and now that they’re done I’m thinking “well….. hmmm…. well…. at least you learned something: you need to practice!”

sketchbook – 29.08.2013

today’s sketches: munch & medication

sketchbook – 28.08.13

did the first scribbles in my very first sketchbook today! the first page is probably the most difficult, so now that I’ve soiled it, I can’t wait to fill the sketchbook. it’s been rainy all day and I’ve been really sleepy, so I just drew stuff I can see from my bed.

time for commitment!

time for commitment!

today, I got myself a sketchbook and made a nice (I think) cover for it. finally! I plan on taking it with me wherever I go so I can draw on the train or during boring lectures at uni…. no more excuses! go forth and doodle, I tell myself! and keep doodling! don’t quit! you want to get better? practice, practice, practice!

btw, the cover is a small, alternative version of my piece Kaitaa.

attacking the paper – scribble figures

I really need to relax and stop thinking and stop worrying. also about what I draw or paint. I need to let go. I’m never going to get anywhere with it, if I spend more time theorising than actually doing it. and practicing. and waisting lots of paper in the process. maybe a sketchbook would be a good idea! today’s attempt….